Residential Plumbing & Heating Services


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CanWest Mechanical is now offering Residential Plumbing and Heating Services. Our team of highly trained experts are equipped to handle all of your residential plumbing and heating needs. Whether you're upgrading your current fixtures or have a plumbing disaster that needs immediate attention, CanWest Mechanical is here for you.
hot water tank install & repair

Has your hot water tank reached the end of its life? Our team of professionals will efficiently install your new hot water tank so you’ll be enjoying hot showers once again in no time.

fixture install & repair

Upgrading your bathroom fixtures? Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time for a new garbage disposal system. Whatever it may be, CanWest Mechanical is here for you. Contact us for all of your residential plumbing needs.

gas appliance install & maintenance

It’s extremely important to ensure your gas appliances are installed by a trained and experienced individual. CanWest Mechanical is here for all your gas appliance installation and maintenance needs.

Sewer Maintenance & Troubleshooting

The key to an effective sewer system is regular maintenance. CanWest Mechanical provides routine sewer maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure your sewer system is running smoothly.

drainage solutions

Poor residential drainage can create a laundry list of issues if left unchecked. Our team at CanWest Mechanical can help investigate and address those pesky drainage issues on your residential property.

water treatment

Improve the quality of the water in your home. CanWest Mechanical offers water treatment services to ensure your water is perfectly fit for residential use.

pump inspection & service

Having a fully functional water pump is important to your home’s entire water system. CanWest can diagnose, service, repair and / or replace your home sump pump systems and drainage systems.

drain line camera inspections

Our highly trained technicians will complete an inspection of your underground pipes to detect any possible issues that require repair.

new gas lines

Running natural gas to your home is a great way to improve energy efficiency and cut costs on your energy bill. Adding a natural gas line to your property will also improve the resale value of your home down the road.

gas system troubleshooting

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the source of an issue with your gas system. Our skilled team members have the expertise required to help troubleshoot even the most complex gas system problems.

Poly-B Replacement

Unfortunately, homes that are equipped with poly-b pipes are at a high risk of property damage due to leaky and burst pipes. CanWest Mechanical can give you peace of mind and improve the value of your home by replacing your old poly-b pipes with new copper, CPVC or PEX pipes.

Septic Maintenance Services

Septic tank issues can get out of hand fast. The best way to avoid septic backup and property damage is to ensure your system is regularly maintained by our professionals at CanWest Mechanical.

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