We are pleased to be offering residential plumbing, heating and gas services on vancouver island. From routine maintenance to new fixtures and even plumbing emergencies – CanWest Mechanical is here for you. Now offering residential plumbing, heating & gas services FREE Estimate Learn More polybutylene piping can put your home at risk of water damage and mould. our team of experts specialize in replacing old poly b piping with new more effective materials. vancouver island's poly b replacement specialists FREE Estimate Learn More We provide a wide variety of plumbing and HVAC services including installation, maintenance and services to our clients across Western Canada. Commercial & Industrial Plumbing & HVAC services FREE Estimate Learn More CanWest Mechanical offers a range of industrial and fabrication services to our clients including installation, fabrication, custom fittings, maintenance and repairs. Industrial Fabrication & installation FREE Estimate Learn More


At CanWest Mechanical, safety is our top priority. By ensuring our staff meet all required OSSA applicable training, we can ensure we are adhering to the highest standards in personal safety. CanWest is a COR Certified Company.


We recognize our responsibility to our communities and the environment. We are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental management systems and performance.


By investing in education and training for our teams and technological innovations we can ensure maximum efficiencies, ease of operation and cost savings for our customers.


We take pride in our highly organized Project Management Teams that will listen to your needs, offer creative solutions, provide leadership and communicate effectively throughout the duration of your project.


about us

CanWest Mechanical is committed to providing excellence in mechanical contracting and project management. We specialize in HVAC, Plumbing installation and Pipe fabrication. Our fully equipped shop allows us the flexibility to fabricate a wide range of products to meet the individual needs of every client. At CanWest we believe in providing quality service, safely.
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Commercial & Industrial

We provide HVAC, Plumbing and Pipe Fabrication services to Commercial and Industrial clients throughout British Columbia.
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We are now offering residential plumbing and heating services to our clients on Vancouver Island. From standard maintenance, to installations to Poly B replacements – We’re here for you.